Carbon Reduction and ESOS

TMC Carbon Report and Reduction uses data we hold on vehicle registration numbers, fuel consumption and business/private mileage splits to create reports on CO2 emissions and energy consumption (in kWh). We have worked with companies including Interserve Plc on successful carbon reduction programmes. Companies covered by the new Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) can use our data and expertise to meet its requirements for measuring energy consumed by transport and identifying ways to use less.

  1. Carbon footprint– where fuel cards or telematics are used and accurate mileages are collected, we produce a quarterly statement highlighting the carbon use of individual employees. This will provide information about average fuel consumption over the period, as well as the contribution to global carbon. The report will enable you to fulfil your ESOS requirements and help you to drive down the Co2 outputs on your fleet.
  2. Hours driven report– Supports driver safety and duty of care requirements.
  3. Real life MPGs –By comparing distances driven to fuel spend we are able to provide you with real life MPGs across your entire fleet enabling you to spot where improvements in driver behaviour can be made and which vehicles aren’t performing as expected.
  4. Bearer card reporting –automated bearer card system, meaning no more need to hold manual, paper-based log books

Alternative fuel vehicles

With the extensive data we hold on each vehicle mileage, fuel consumption, trip information and cost per mile, combined with our data analysis expertise, we are perfectly positioned to provide consultancy on the planning and implementation of mobility strategies and sustainability projects.  For example, we can identify vehicles/journeys that would be ideally suited for electric vehicles based on their trip patterns.

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