We can consolidate and analyse your telematics data to ensure you are maximising the use of your telematics data to improve driver behaviour and reduce costs. To do this, we would use elements of both our Telematics+ and Data+ services.


Telematics+ gives you visibility over your driver and fleet’s performance. With this information, you can optimise fuel usage and improve driver behaviour and safety. Telematics+ is part of an integrated suite of solutions that reduce fleet costs, improve performance and policy and support the management of road risk.

The multi-lingual TMC dashboards allow you to filter all your consolidated telematics data to create specific reports, such as:

  • The effects driving habits have on fuel consumption
  • The number of hours per day spent driving
  • Asset utilisation
  • Location views

Our clients find this service very useful when managing more than one telematics supplier or when moving between providers and are looking for one simple view of all their information.

Our catalogue of APIs allows your data to be seamlessly acquired from your providers and mapped into a common, cleansed and understandable format. This ensures that you can apply your parameters and rules in a consistent way irrespective of the hardware solutions you are using.

If you don’t already have a telematics provider, we can help with that too, just click here for more information.


Data+ combines all the fleet telematics data gathered by our telematics+ service and combines this with employee eligibility data, and presents all this information in one simple global tool.

We then can provide consultancy on the planning and implementation of fleet and mobility strategies and sustainability projects, based on what we recommend according to the data we have gathered.

Common outputs that we analyse are:

  • Diesel v Petrol
  • Electronic Vehicle Adoption
  • Asset Utilisation and optimisation
  • Global CO2/NOx
  • Employee Eligibility Calculations

The combination of both our Telematics+ and Data+ services will allow you to clearly see how you can reduce your costs and improve your company’s fleet.