The fastest way for drivers to log their mileage is with the TMC Mileage Track app which links directly with the TMC Mileage Capture and Audit System.

Mileage Track uses accurate GPS recording to track the driver’s journey and is available on all smartphone platforms.

Drivers can also upload VAT receipts via a photo to the app which feeds it through to the system.

Because we can take data from fuel card spend (where there is a fuel card), vehicle details, telematics (where deployed) and kilometres driven to audit mileage claims, we use this data to provide insightful information including fuel consumption and pence per mile/cents per Km costs that can be drilled down by market, division and even individual.This invaluable information empowers you to make informed decisions around fuel spend, vehicle selection, carbon reduction policies and more.

Our award-winning Mileage Capture and Audit system integrates seamlessly into your existing setup, providing a wealth of easy-to-access data that gives you a complete overview of your fuel and mileage activity.

In summary, mileage capture and audit brings you:

  • Cost savings
  • Reduced administration
  • Insightful consolidated reporting and information
  • Compliance and accurate mileage records for tax purposes

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