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Unique fuel

management service 

Fuel+ from TMC is a unique fuel management service. We typically save our customers 15.4% off their total fuel spend.

We work with a number of fuel, travel and expense card partners, and help you select the card/s that best suits your objectives, including public charging for EVs. To support our fuel management service which can help you with global, regional or national fuel card strategies.

Coupled with TMC’s unique mileage capture technology, we carry out advanced audits on fuel transactions to support our fuel management service.

What does Fuel+ mean for you?

  • We help you select the card that best suits your needs
  • We can manage the card issue and control and assume all administrative and supply chain responsibilities
  • Drivers record their business journeys on our Mileage Capture and Audit system or via our GPS-enabled app
  • Business and personal miles are separated
  • We audit each and every business journey and where any abnormalities are spotted, we follow up with the driver
  • We send a payroll ready file for private mileage deductions

What does the audit look for?


Where the number of litres purchased is greater than the fuel tank capacity

Multiple Fills

Three or more individual transactions recorded in one day

Small Fills

We verify any transaction below £6 to confirm the nature of the purchase

Multi Fuel Spend

Suggests fuel is being purchased for a different vehicle

Transaction Location

Fuel purchased in a different location to the vehicle and the recorded mileage

Motorway Fuel Spend

We help reduce this by suggesting cheaper alternative fuel stations en-route

Fuel Management Reporting

We consolidate all your data to provide insightful reporting, that will help enable you to:

  • Reduce your costs further
  • Steer your fleet strategy
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Manage driver performance

If you would like to find out more about Fuel+, please get in touch here.