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Fuel Savings. The devil is in the detail.The Miles Consultancy NewsThe Miles Consultancy News

Successful fuel management can be summed up in two well-known phrases. “The truth is out there” and “The devil is in the detail”. The first rule of fuel management is ‘what you don’t know definitely will hurt you’. Bad things come from incomplete management information. Insufficient information leads to excessive fuel costs and needless administrative hassle. It’s not enough just to record your vehicles’ annual mileages. N

TMC data shows some fleet drivers get over 40mpg more than others from identical company cars.The Miles Consultancy NewsThe Miles Consultancy News

New ‘real world driving’ data reveals that some fleet drivers are getting 40 fewer miles per gallon (MPG) than colleagues who drive identical models. Super-frugal fleet diesels are extremely sensitive to their users’ driving style says TMC, which carried out the analysis. TMC believes that 50% or more of fleet drivers have not adapted their technique to modern cars and employers are therefore missing out on millions of pounds in fuel


TMC are delighted to have won the Innovation in Cost Reduction Award at this year’s Fleet World Honours. The judges said the following:  "Being able to integrate to telematics providers, automating otherwise time consuming processes and a huge investment in data provision has meant TMC can offer even greater levels of granular analysis than ever before. The result? Impressive cost reductions for fleets." Paul Hollick, Managing Director

Road tests confirm TMC audited MPG dataThe Miles Consultancy NewsThe Miles Consultancy News

Chip and Pin

Hard on the heels of our report on ever less-accurate official MPG data, figures published  this week by Emissions Analytics (EA), a vehicle emissions measurement company, tally almost exactly with TMC's. EA tests real-world emissions by fitting measuring devices to vehicles and driving them long distances on public roads. They report a 29% gap between actual vs. advertised MPGs and CO2 emissions; virtually the same as the 28% gap shown up in

Don’t be held hostage by rising fuel costsThe Miles Consultancy NewsThe Miles Consultancy News

Pump prices hit a two-year high in January, according to the RAC. Does it mean that fleets are once again at the mercy of the international oil markets?  Not necessarily. Our client Danwood Group cut its fuel bill by 13.8% in just 12 weeks, last year, by implementing TMC’s complete fuel and mileage solution. It goes to show that, although unpredictable movements in pump prices movements are inescapable, fleets can minimise their impact o

Gap between official fuel economy and cars’ actual performance is wider than everThe Miles Consultancy NewsThe Miles Consultancy News

Figures released today by mobility data expert TMC show that new cars’ real-world fuel economy fell further behind advertised performance, last year. TMC crunched mileage and fuel data from 21,200 fleet cars to quantify the impact of the widening gap. The analysis compared each individual car’s official mpg figure with its actual performance, logged on TMC’s database of fuel transactions and mileage reports. Download the infographic

Business mobility technologies: what will the winners look like?The Miles Consultancy NewsThe Miles Consultancy News

By Paul Hollick, managing director There is much talk about business mobility in fleet circles. But what exactly does ‘mobility’ look like? The government is about to spend millions on finding the answer. November’s Autumn Statement earmarked billions of pounds for investment in business infrastructure. The cash includes nearly £1 billion to expand digital communication networks, £80 million for smart ticketing in public tran

Fleet Hero award highlights TMC innovation in cutting fuel costsThe Miles Consultancy NewsThe Miles Consultancy News

With businesses everywhere looking to reduce fuel costs, save energy and cut carbon emissions, the Energy Saving Trust Fleet Hero Awards are one of the most hotly-contested events in the UK fleet calendar. That’s why we are delighted that the EST judges picked the TMC Fuel Solution as runner-up in the Innovation category of this year’s Fleet Hero Awards. The 2016 shortlist focused on systemic solutions to the problem of rising fle