Grey fleet management.

Are you ready for an increase in grey fleet?

Where employees become home based, what was formerly a commute trip into the office becomes business travel, and will be reclaimable. The employee’s vehicle will subsequently become part of your grey fleet, for which you have the same duty of care towards as a company owned vehicle.

What does this mean for you?

Employers need to have a grey fleet policy with procedures in place for reclaiming business mileage and ensuring these vehicles are safe on the UK roads.

You will need to check your grey fleet drivers have a valid driving licence and that their vehicles conform to road traffic law, are safe, properly maintained and fit for purpose.

TMC can relieve the administrative strain of managing a grey fleet, whilst reducing risk and controlling costs in the following ways:

  • Document checks TMC will proactively check, audit and manage driving licences, business insurance cover, MOT validity, vehicle safety checks and service records.
  • Accurate Mileage Capture Drivers can record the work journeys they make in real time, using TMC’s app, Mileage Track. We audit every journey claimed to ensure adherence to your policy and provide payroll files for mileage reimbursement.
  • Monitor driver behaviour Through our Mileage Track app, we can also monitor your drivers’ wellbeing whilst on the move. Capturing data from the device’s in-built accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS, we can report on drivers speeding, acceleration, braking and cornering and phone interaction (excluding Bluetooth calls). The app scores each journey and creates an average score for each employee.
  • Expense management Effective expense management for employee’s who claim for business expenses such as travel, meals, and client entertainment. We can also help you update your business travel and grey fleet policies, which are critical in this changing landscape.

To encourage employees to complete their documentation, the system will not allow employees to make a claim for any of their business trip expenses if they haven’t submitted the required documentation. No more chasing up outstanding documents!

The TMC systems are simple to use and save time and money.

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